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  • Pay attention to train fire safety smoke …2018-03-02

    The traditional festival of our country is approaching the Spring Festival, followed by the annual Spring Festival, many people will choose to take the train home, which also allows us to train fire safety concerns. Relevant departments can do a good …

  • Bus distress how to escape? Occurs to fi…2018-03-02

    There are only a few passenger bus distress, one is the bus failure or accident did not occur after the rollover, but the car door can not be opened normally, the first reaction of the neighbors is to use the car equipped with "escape hammer" smash th…

  • Memorize safety exit wet cloth cover mout…2018-03-02

    The subway is moving, a sudden fire, passengers how to escape?1. Memorize the safety exitAfter entering the subway, first of all to observe the internal facilities and structural layout, familiar with the evacuation routes safety exit location.2. In …

  • Subway fire escape method2018-03-02

    In recent years, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places have been building urban rail transit, in late November of this year, Hangzhou Metro Line has opened trial operation. People in the face of this new type of transport, in addition to novelty is also a…

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