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Business entities: GUO ANDA CO.,LTD. with its wholly-owned subsidiary of Auto Parts (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Company"
Companies specializing in automatic fire extinguishing equipment research and development, production and sales, is committed to early detection of fire early warning, automatic fire extinguishing technology research and application development. With many years of research and development and innovation accumulation, the company has developed into a high-tech enterprise with advanced automatic fire extinguishing technology and has provided customers in the fields of transportation, power grid, wind power generation, underground underground pipe network, mobile communications, financial institutions, etc. Outstanding performance, high quality public safety products, domestic passenger car fire automatic fire extinguishing technology leader.

The main products of the company include innovative safety emergency products such as ultrafine powder automatic fire extinguishing equipment and automatic fire extinguishing equipment for battery boxes. The core technology of ultrafine powder fire extinguishing agent for early fire fighting and rescue has won the second prize of science and technology progress by the Ministry of Public Security Fire Station Award, "Automotive lithium battery box for gas automatic fire extinguishing device" product technology won the China Road Transport Cup Best Safety Technology Innovation Award, "Bus early warning of fire and automatic fire extinguishing system" won the third prize of science and technology Ministry of Public Security, "smart Fire Extinguisher "won the second prize of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress.

In the past 10 years, the company continuously researched and produced ultra-fine dry powder car fire extinguishing equipment with early fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing technology, which effectively solved the fire fighting and rescue problems in the engine compartment environment and reduced public safety risks for domestic fuel passenger cars. "Bus early warning of fire and automatic fire extinguishing system research" won the third prize of Science and Technology Ministry of Public Security. The product technology level is in the leading position in the country, and has become the supporting product of Yutong, Jinlong, Zhongtong, Ankai and other well-known domestic bus manufacturers. At the same time be included in the national mandatory standard GB34655-2017- "passenger car fire extinguishing equipment configuration requirements" requirements, since January 1, 2018 onwards, M2, M3 above (9 seats) above the engine compartment and other locations must be installed ultra-fine dry powder Automatic fire extinguishing device.

At the same time, the "Intelligent Fire Extinguishing Device" for industrial use, which has intelligent inspection of fire extinguishing equipment and efficient automatic fire extinguishing, won the second prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award. Products in the national grid, wind power equipment, urban underground integrated pipe gallery and other fields unmanned space has been widely used.

Over the years, the company around the country to develop new energy vehicles a good opportunity to take the initiative to undertake "electric vehicle lithium ion battery fire characteristics and fire fighting technology" research project, through continuous technical accumulation and in-depth research, start from the lithium ion battery fire characteristics do A large number of mechanisms that may lead to the generation and development of lithium-ion battery fires are studied. A very early detection data model suitable for the thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries is developed according to the fire characteristics of lithium-ion batteries. The development of thermal runaway of lithium- A large number of data acquisition and analysis, and the acquisition of a large number of multi-component, multi-standard lithium-ion battery entity fire data validation, comparison. It has successfully researched the detection device that can effectively detect the early warning of thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries and the multi-component gas fire extinguishing agent that can effectively extinguish the fire of lithium-ion batteries, and effectively solves the technical problems of extinguishing and extinguishing lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, a large number of operating status of the vibration frequency, electromagnetic interference, waterproof and dustproof, data compatibility and other vehicle-level safety requirements were dynamically collected under the operation of new energy vehicles and mastered the early detection of fires in the lithium-ion battery box for vehicles Alarm and automatic fire extinguishing a number of applications matching core technology, repeatedly commissioned by the Ministry of Public Security Tianjin Institute of Fire, the National Passenger Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative agencies pilot test, invited the Ministry of Science and Technology National New Energy Special Vehicle Project Specialist and supervision group, Authoritative experts from the Ministry of Communications, a leading manufacturer of lithium ion battery research institutes, a research institute for new energy passenger cars, and a unit of authoritative technical experts for new energy buses. They have been on numerous occasions to discuss and demonstrate on-site with our company's testing ground, After its improvement and improvement, it launched the first dedicated automatic fire extinguishing device that can be applied to the lithium battery box of new energy vehicles in China. Successfully solved the new energy automotive lithium battery because of its own energy, electrochemical active, high energy density, overcharge, overload, high temperature, impact, puncture, soaking, aging, abuse and improper use of management and other factors Spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries and even the risk of explosion is a technical problem that can not be extinguished by traditional fire extinguishing technologies and has filled the technical gaps in the related fields and provided innovative technical solutions for the public safety operation of new energy passenger cars and has become an important guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles. Product Technology won the "China Road Transport Cup" best safety technology innovation award. Products have been Yutong, Jinlong, BYD, Zhuhai Silverlong, Zhongtong, Ankai, Foton and many other domestic new energy bus manufacturers to effectively improve the safe operation of new energy bus security.

Product technology has been recognized by all walks of life, the state ministries and commissions to enhance the safety of new energy vehicles to ensure operation, has introduced JT / T 1026-2016- "pure electric city bus general technical conditions", JT / T1096-2016 "- electric bus configuration Requirements "and JT / T" passenger car lithium battery compartment fire extinguishing equipment technical requirements "(draft) a number of safety requirements and industry standards require large and medium-sized new energy buses should be equipped with a lithium battery box fire detection alarm battery box dedicated automatic Fire extinguishing device.

In the course of business operation, the company has continuously adhered to the spirit of "science and technology first, generation one, reserve one generation, development one generation and pre-research generation" and continued to overcome the frontier technical problems and product innovations. At present, it has obtained 72 technical patents, including 12 invention patents, Fujian Province won the advantage of intellectual property enterprises.

The company has always pursued "public safety as its mission, the scientific and technological achievements with the sharing," and strive to do a "national security and security technology to create greater value for you" business philosophy. Pay attention to personnel training and research input, the establishment of graduate school workstations. Maintain close cooperation with Institute of Fire Research of the Ministry of Public Security and domestic institutions of higher learning and take the initiative to undertake and participate in research on cutting-edge topics in the country and actively make technological lead in production, learning, research and use, continue to industrialize the leading technology in science and technology, And to market applications, for the company sustainable operation and users to create greater value.
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