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Author :    Time : 2018-03-07
2017 We are brave forward to win a historic breakthrough without difficulty
2018 We continue to innovate and continue writing new chapters
February 9 (Lunar New Year) In the evenings, Guo Anda Co., Ltd. gave a thank-you dinner in appreciation of and commendation for all employees who have worked hard for the company and worked diligently for one year.
Hongwei Yi, chairman of the New Year message:

"The past year, is a hard, hard work of the year, but also the opportunities and challenges coexist in the past year, all staff of the company work in unity, facing difficulties, along the company's development, work diligently and hard work , Dedication and dedication, together toward the common goal of forging ahead, has achieved Hui Chong's achievements.

The new year, is willing to be listed in the banner, innovation and enterprising do not slacken, work together to seek development, inspiring, courageously forward, and jointly write the brilliant chapter of the country Anda.
Sincerely wish everyone work progress, career Tengda, family joy, happiness and well-being! "

Corporate management team to the collective New Year
In 2017 "advanced worker" recognition award
We award and reward "2017 Excellent Employees"
In 2017, "activists" were rewarded

The versatile children during the dinner showcase their talents for the occasion

The important part of the dinner, lucky draw, the company prepared a generous gift for everyone (IPAD, washing machines, electric pressure cooker, juicer, senior bed four sets, etc.). Lottery using computer-based election, the winning rate as high as nearly 40%. One of the most significant participants in the diversification and participation of the lottery winners is the banker of the Industrial Bank who was invited to attend the dinner party. The last lucky winner of the audience took part together with the chairman of the board.

During the dinner, the company's management team thanked the staff for their dedication

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